Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black


Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black. A new hair colour permanently changes appearance more than any other form of cosmetic and that is why so many women are so tempted by the extensive range of chemical-based hair colourants. However, new research somewhat diminishes the joy in the new colour because strongly allergenic base substances in oxidation-based hair colorants can really represent a risk, especially for sensitive users.Unlike a chemical-based hair colour, herbal hair colours do not penetrate into the hair structure, but rather form a protective film on every individual hair strand. The result is expressive colour, shine and volume. The natural colour pigments and natural structure of the hair are not attacked. On the contrary - its is the combination of the individual hair colour with the herbal colours that actually creates the typical vital-shimmering colour nuances. At the same time, the unique composition of colouring and nourishing herbal ingredients provide shine and volume. Discover the whole spectrum of nature's beauty. Give your hair the gift of expressive color, silky shine and easy volume. With Sante Herbal Hair Colors you can achieve multi-facetted, lively, shimmering nuances as individual and unique as you yourself. A Sante Herbal Hair Color respects the natural pigments of your hair. It coats your hair like a protective glaze that combines with your natural hair color to produce a unique result. The resulting color can vary depending on your original hair color, your hair structure and your hair care routine - but the result will surely be very natural and as shiny as silk. Sante Herbal Hair Color is available in nine nuances. It is easy to mix the herbal hair colors with one another to achieve wonderful color variations in the spectrum of red and brown. Sante Herbal Hair Color is the natural alternative to conventional synthetic chemical hair color. Feel the difference!• long lasting, multi-facetted colors• with extra volume and care• purely botanical• especially gentle• free of peroxide, ammonia or other chemical ingredients• free of synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservativesThe herbal hair color is activated simply by hot water. This gives you a creamy, non-drip paste to apply to the hair. You can look forward to simply beautiful, shining color and enjoy the feeling of caring form your hair in a completely natural way. From a fine, harmonious alteration to a noticeable color contrast: with Sante Herbal Hair Colors it is quite simple to dye subtle highlights, irrespective of whether your hair is its natural color or has already been colored with herbal hair color. Red nuances create clear coral effects in light blonde hair. When used in medium to dark blond hair they shimmer ruby red. They create dark mahogany accents in naturally light brown hair. Have you already colored your hair bronze or mahogany? Then you can use Sante Herbal Hair Color in black to achieve magically shimmering dark brown reflexes.Sante Herbal Hair Colors provide intensive care, are long-lasting and care for your hair even during coloring. The herbal color powders contain only carefully selected natural raw materials such as finely ground henna, herbs and fruits. Nourishing wheat proteins give your hair a fascinating shine. Sante Herbal Hair Colors are mixtures of wheat proteins, alginate, henna, cassia, walnut shells, ratania roots, indigo, coffee, beetroot and rhubarb root. The mixture and proportions in the ingredients are different for every color. An increasing number of hairdressers is turning to the fascination of herbal hair colors. Listen to the tips and tricks of the hair professionals and you can be sure to enjoy your shimmering new hair color for a long time.Tip: Want to avoid a surprise? Test strand! The natural coloring effect of Sante Herbal Hair Colors combines with your personal hair color to give you an individual result. We recommend you dye a test strand first in order to forecast your personal color result. Color Rinse? No, Semi-Permanent Dye! Sante Herbal Hair Colors are long lasting hair dyes. They are not rinses that wash out. Want to go blonde? Sorry, not possible! If you have a permanent wave in your hair, then Sante Herbal Hair Color should be used after perming. This will not only allow you to develop the full color potential, but will also provide extra nourishment for the hair structure that has been attacked during the perm. Nature and chemicals? No problem! Chemically colored hair can be colored again using Sante Herbal Hair Colors. They can even improve the structure of the chemically treated hair. However, you should always color a test strand first in order to avoid mistakes. Grey hair? Yes, but... Sante Herbal Hair Colors are suitable for coloring grey hair. The only exception is Sante Black, which should only be used on grey hair if mixed with other Sante shades. Grey hairs will stay lighter than other hair aft er coloring. Thus the resulting color will be lighter the more grey hair you have. Detailed tips on natural coverage for grey hair are given on the instruction leaflet inside the product package. Application Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black:The natural colour effect of the herbal hair colours blends itself with your personal hair colour to create an individual colour. In order to determine the colour effect for your hair, you should always colour-test a single strand of hair first.SANTE herbal hair colours permanently colour the hair. They are not colours that can be washed out. Ingredients/INCI Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black:Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Algin, [+/- Lawsonia Inermis (Henna CI 75480), Cassia Auriculata (Cassia), Juglans Regia (Walnut Shell Powder), Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo Leaves), Indigofera Argentea (Indigo Leaves), Rheum Undulatum (Rhubarb Root), Krameria Triandra (Rhatany Root), Coffea Arabica (Coffee), Curcuma Longa (Curcuma Root), Beta Vulgaris (Beet Root)] Additional Information Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black:Contents: 3.5 oz hair color powder, 1 pair of gloves, 1 warming cap, 1 instruction sheet. Sufficient for one application on shoulder-length hair. Please read and follow carefully the enclosed instructions! Shipping Weight: 128 g

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Sante Herbal Hair Colour Black

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