Opti-Free RepleniSH 2x 300ml

Offer contains: 2x 300ml

Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is a proprietary formula that is specially designed to recondition your silicone hydrogel and other soft contact lenses so that your eyes feel fresh and moist throughout the lens-wear day.  Only Opti-Free® RepleniSH™ Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution contains a proprietary dual action conditioning system, TearGlyde™, that is proven to recondition and retain moisture on the lens surface every day.

Long lasting reconditioning agents work to keep your lenses clean and comfortable.  Opti-Free® RepleniSH™ Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is proven to retain moisture on the surface of lenses throughout the lens-wearing day - every day.

Enhances comfortable wear. Reconditions the lens surface to retain moisture. Cleans right in the case. No rubbing needed. Effective, yet gentle - even for sensitive eyes. No separate enzyme cleaner is required when used daily.
Improves:  Lens cleanliness, wettability, lens surface moisture, comfort, and vision. Reduces: Protein build-up, lens deposits, discomfort, and appearance of redness.

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Opti-Free RepleniSH 2x 300ml

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