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  • Apply Aigle Noir Soft Shadow Pencil on the entire lid then press the neon lemon lime shade on top, blending softly into crease. Press Lavender side in the center of the lid only for a luminous and bright eye. –Raquel Grijalva, National Makeup Stylist
  • Apply the icy lavender shade of Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow to the inner part of the lid and use the neon lemon lime shade on the outer corner for a burst of fresh color. Finish with a matte shade such as Bali Eyeshadow on the bridge to create depth then blend to softly diffuse the color up towards the brow. –Jane Richardson, International Makeup Stylist

Modern, unique, sometimes unexpected color combinations of eyeshadow shades. Worn alone or together, all Duo Eyeshadow shades feature micro-fine powders that are highly pigminted, longwearing and crease resistant. Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly. The effects can be subtle or smoldering -- the options are endless.

  • True color application
  • Can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for stronger intensity
  • Multi-funtion use for shading, lining and highlighting the eyes
  • Classic, neutral, and fashion-forward shade pairings

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Nars Duo Eyeshadow

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