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Discover the world of Miles & More! And become a member of Europe's largest frequent flyer programme. In our global Miles & More frequent flyer programme, you collect miles whenever you fly with one of our numerous partner airlines*. You'll also add miles to your mileage account by buying goods at MrLens, renting cars, staying at hotels or using the products and services of further programme partners.

* Swiss, Lufthansa, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines, United, South African Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Air New Zealand, Varig, SpanAir, ANA, Asiana Airlines, TAP Portugal, U.S. Airway

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Your Miles & More plus point at MrLens

MrLens is proud to be the exclusive partner of the Miles & More program for contact lenses. 1. Juni 2006 Miles & More members will earn miles for their revenue at MrLens. Conversion rate is CHF 1 = 1 mile or EUR 1 = 1 mile, in except of the shipping fee.

  • New customers: Receive 1000 miles on purchases from CHF 100.00
  • Existing customers receive 1 mile per purchase value of CHF 1.00.


Miles & More Promotions

Subscribe to the Miles & More Newsletter to find out about promotions. During a promotion new customers receive 3000 miles on purchases from CHF 120

Current customers earn

  • 5-times the miles for every purchase up to a value of CHF 99
  • 8-times for purchases from CHF 100
  • 12-times for purchases exceeding CHF 200

Becoming a member of Miles & More for free

Don't waste a single mile more. You can sign up here and start right away. Join now Miles & More


How can I profit at MrLens?

Add your Miles & More number to your account information at the customer registration form of MrLens. If you are already registered at MrLens, please update your account information.


When will you have the miles on your account?

You will get your miles as soon as MrLens has received the fund of your invoice. MrLens needs to get a notice within 30 days of order placing from you if you need to get a general retroactive miles funded.


Either collect points or redeem vouchers

The collecting of points is a non-cumulative special offer. It's therefore up to you to decide whether you want to either collect points, or choose a different offer, such as for example making use of a voucher code.

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