Meni Care Plus 3x 250ml

Offer contains: 3x 250ml

For daily wear, 5 minutes only with Menicare Plus, multipurpose solution.

MeniCare Plus is an all-in-one, multi-purpose lens solution for RGP lenses which fulfils the high expectations of RGP lens wearers. Maximum comfort can be achieved with MeniCare Plus, as it reduces lens deposits. MeniCare plus will provide REAL comfort.

Instructions for use

Flexible wearing schedule

You can decide the wearing schedule freely. For example, you can put the contact lenses back in only after 5 minutes treatment time. And you can also store the contact lenses for up to 30 days in MeniCare Plus solution. Your wearing schedule will become much more flexible.

Wearing comfort

MeniCare Plus can also be used as a rinsing solution prior to lens insertion. The lens will feel clean, smooth and comfortable. HYPROMELLOSE increases the wettability of MeniCare Plus, which facilities the even distribution of the tear film over the lens surface. The high wettability factor prevents the easy adhesion of deposits, eye cosmetics and other particles.

Easy to use

1. Wash your hands.

2. Remove the lens, apply a few drops of MeniCare Plus and rub both surfaces gently between fingers or in the palm of your hand.

3. Rinse the lens thoroughly with MeniCare Plus.

4. Fill the lens case with a fresh dose of MeniCare Plus and soak the lens for at least 5 minutes. Lens wear can now be resumed when required.

5. Rinse the lens again with MeniCare Plus before insertion.

6. Rinse the lens case with MeniCare Plus and dry thoroughly.

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Meni Care Plus 3x 250ml

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