Eschenbach Miniframe 2 - Maximum vision comfort in the extended close-up ra

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The new generation of ready-to-wear reading glasses: miniframe2

Eschenbach Optik presents a further development of the existing ready-to-wear reading glasses concept: the"miniframe2". These readers extend the field of vision by providing variable powers – as the wearer looks down through the lens, the power slowly increases. “Miniframe2” therefore offers comfortable vision for the extended close-up range in five strengths. The “miniframe2” also has an extremely attractive price point and is ideal as a spare pair or additional pair of glasses for activities where you’d prefer to protect your individual prescription glasses. In the future, the "miniframe2" will be the perfect addition to the portfolio of the specialist optician and offers an exclusive solution in the ready-to-wear sector.

For many of us, the problem is all too common: when we’re sitting at a desk our eyes not only have to focus for instance on letters, writing paper and books, but they also have to cope with looking at the computer or, if we’re having a chat, the person we are talking to. Our eyes therefore have to keep focusing at different distances. The limitations of conventional reading glasses with only one optical strength soon become apparent; we are faced with the tedious task of having to constantly change our glasses and our work is subject to constant interruption.



Maximum vision comfort in the extended close-up range

With its new “miniframe2” ready-to-wear readers, Eschenbach Optik is responding to the increasing demand for ready-to-wear eyewear and the dynamic market development. This is the ideal solution: high-quality lenses "made in Germany" which provide comfortable vision in the extended close-up range. The "miniframe2" not only makes reading and writing so much easier, but also makes it much easier to then focus again on the computer or on the person you’re talking to. These reading glasses are available from the Nuremberg optics manufacturers in five different strengths (1.0 dpt, 1.5 dpt, 2.0 dpt, 2.5 dpt und 3.0 dpt). The "miniframe2" therefore guarantees the ultimate vision comfort in the extended close-up range.  


The stylish alternative – ideal as a spare pair or introductory pair of readers

"miniframe2" is ideal not only as an attractively priced, introductory “trial” model, but also as a practical spare pair or additional pair of glasses. For example, when travelling, enjoying your favourite hobbies or craft activities, you don’t have to risk damaging your individual prescription glasses, whilst still benefiting from the advantages of an extended field of vision up to a specific degree.

As always, in addition to functionality, the product developers at Eschenbach Optik also placed great value on achieving stylish aesthetics. The "miniframe2" not only offers excellent vision, but also an exceptional look: at the workplace, in meetings or simply relaxing and reading the newspaper, these rimless glasses featuring a classic design will always ensure an exceptionally stylish appearance. The frames are available in two colour options, gun and gold, to create a sophisticated and distinctive look for every wearer.

What’s more, unlike most other reading glasses, this new concept is available from specialist opticians: combining a high-quality product with expert advice to provide optimum vision.

Glass Height: 27 mm
Glass Width: 70 mm   

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Eschenbach Miniframe 2 - Maximum vision comfort in the extended close-up ra

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