Eschenbach clip&read – the smallest reading glasses in the world

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Quality product of Eschenbach Optik Germany, easyPOCKET – the tiny lens with powerful magnificationclip&read – the smallest reading glasses in the world!
Technical appliances such as mobile phones or digital cameras are becoming smaller and smaller, whilst at the same time featuring more and more functions.

It’s often hard to distinguish between the individual control buttons and the features on the displays are becoming more and more comprehensive. Anyone who doesn’t have a pair of reading glasses close at hand doesn’t stand a chance.

Fortunately, with clip&read – the mini reading glasses from Eschenbach Optik – these situations are no longer a problem.  These glasses are particularly small, handy and weigh less than 9 grammes including case.

clip&read is therefore your ideal companion for both home and away, for short periods of reading, as well as for reading mobile phone keypads and camera displays, or for counting your change when you’re out shopping.  

clip&read is supplied in a small and sturdy plastic case which can be attached to your mobile phone or camera via a connector or attachment points, or attached to your shirt or trouser pocket by means of a clip.

clip&read is available in dark red or ice grey and in +1.5 dpt and +2.5 dpt strengths.

To use clip&read, simply secure the temple ends at the temples.
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Eschenbach clip&read – the smallest reading glasses in the world

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