Contopharma Tab In One 2x 15 Tabletten

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The user-friendly one step system is for disinfecting, cleaning, and storing of contact lenses.

The contact lenses are disinfected and cleaned by means of the peroxide-solution. The micronized catalyser in tablet form allows a thorough cleaning of the contact lenses, without coating. Thanks to the relatively short disinfection process, you can put your contact lenses back in after 2 hours.

The peroxide system "tab in one" is recommended for the care of all current types of contact lenses, especially hydrophilic soft contact lenses.
The "tab in one" peroxide system offers simple and efficient care of the contact lenses in one step. High-quality and continuous compatibility is achieved in this care system with its lack of preservative and a film with similar composition of the tear film after the end of the disinfection process.

Even with the best choice of contact lenses, the care regiment is essential. Biological compatibility and compliance are of utmost importance for successful wearing of contact lenses. Care must be simple, but efficient.

Which are the components of the system peroxide "tab in one" and how does it work?
The peroxide care system "tab in one" consists of 3 components:
- the 3% hydrogen-peroxide-solution "tab in one", a stabilization tablet with a green organic-indicator and a specially designed contact lenses container with exhaust valve.
In order for the stabilization tablet to release the catalyzer slowly and continuously, it is not coated. Step by step, the enzyme is released to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. This process finishes when the 3% hydrogen peroxide is broken down, after 2 hours the solution is only a saline solution isotonic, compatible with the tear film.

Pure peroxide and the catalyzer have unstable oxygen-atoms, which remove the organic deposits by means of oxidation.

During the neutralization process, the contact lenses are disinfected and free from contaminating micro organisms, proteins, fats and deposits that build up during the day of wear. The catalyzer is very stable in regard to pH variation. A minimum of concentration is effective, which minimizes possible intolerance during contact lens wear.

The greenish color of the solution, obtained by means of the organic-indicator, signals the end of neutralisation.

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Contopharma Tab In One 2x 15 Tabletten

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