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What should I keep in mind when I buy a pair of glasses?

We have compiled the key points for purchasing a pair of glasses for you in the following check list.


1. Frame and color which harmonize with your face shape

A pair of glasses should underline the natural shape of your face. In addition to color, brand and style, choose a frame which suits your face shape as well as your type. We will show you how it works.


2. The size of the glasses

Just as important as the frame is the size of your glasses which has to match your face.

You can find out more about the ideal glasses size by following this link: Which glasses sizes are available?


3. Shortsightedness

Shortsightedness requires lenses which are stronger than those needed when you are farsighted. If you are extremely shortsighted, choose a strong frame which embeds the glass thickness as well as the frame in an optimal way. Plastic frames are particularly well-suited for this purpose. Rimless glasses or glasses with metal frames emphasize the thickness of the glasses and can be inappropriate. If you still don’t want to dispense with thin lenses, try using glasses with a refractive index. For further information on this topic, follow What do I have to keep in mind concerning eyeglass lenses?


4. Farsightedness

If you are farsighted, you have the advantage that convex lenses are generally narrower. They adapt to the frame in an ideal way, no matter whether you opt for a thick frame or a more delicate one.


5. Allergy

Are you allergic to nickel? If so, it would be best to choose a frame which is made of plastic or titanium.



How do I order glasses online?

MrLens makes it very easy for you to order your personal choice of glasses online. Clicking on >>Search<< leads you directly to selected models of brand manufacturers. The category glasses offers you a wide selection of fashionable eyewear models. Depending on your choice of model, you will end up with a menu in which you can enter your individual eyeglass values.


Step 1: Enter your dioptries:

Type in your dioptries (sphere, cylinder, axis, addition (ADD)).


Step 2: Choose your glass thickness:

According to your dioptries, you will be provided with a recommendation concerning glass thickness. You also have the possibility to opt for another glass variety. If you have any further questions, the MrLens team is happy to be at your disposal anytime.


Step 3: Select glass finishing:

In this category you can decide on the coating of your glass.


Step 4: Completing your order:

With one mouse click you can add your individually configured glasses to your shopping cart. To complete your order, click on the button that says “cash register”. If you are a first-time customer, enter your personal data. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your access data. Finally, choose your preferred payment method and finish the ordering process by clicking the button “order”.


Do you have any more questions? The MrLens team would be happy to be of service. You can contact our service team by calling 041 741 28 87 or you can also write us an e-mail.


How do I post my glasses in Facebook?

You would like to post a photo with your glasses in Facebook? To do so, you can use the MrLens online mirror.

1. Open the online mirror and choose your desired model of glasses

2. Upload a photo of yourself (upload an existing photo or take a photo with your webcam)

3. Add the photo to your list of favourites (possible after personal login)

4. Post in Facebook (click „Post in Facebook“ on the left-hand side - choose your favorite image(s) - add a personal message)


Which dioptries do I need?

Depending on your type of defective vision, the following values can be necessary for an order. You can find these values in your glasses pass or in your glasses prescription.



In your glasses pass or your glasses prescription you will find the axis value, indicated by >>A<< or >>Ach<<. The axis value lies between 0° und 180° and provides information about the adjustment of the cylinder for the correction of the warping of the cornea (astigmatism).



Addition (only for progressive lenses)

Addition >>Add.<< indicates the strength of the lenses which is needed not only for the correction of farsightedness, but also for your immediate surrounding. This value is also referred to as immediate value and supports sharp vision, for example when reading. Addition means that close-range values and distance values are added together in order to calculate the close-range value.



Pupillary distance

The pupillary distance >>PD<< measures the distance between the center of the pupil and the center of the bridge of the nose. The pupillary distance of the right and the left eye is determined separately and is given in mm. You can find the pupillary distance in your glasses pass. If you find only one value in your glasses case, you can divide it by two and write down the new value for the left and for the right eye. However, you can also measure the pupillary distance on your own: Instruction for measuring the pupillary distance.




The sphere is abbreviated with >>Sph.<<, >>Sphär<<. or >>S.<< and describes the lens thickness. The “+” sign indicates farsightedness (hyperopia, hypermetropia) and the “-“ sign indicates nearsightedness (myopia). If there is no sign available, it is always a “+” value. If a value is marked with the sign “F” or “distance” it refers to distance glasses. The signs “N” and “vicinity” are used for reading glasses.




The value of the cylinder is often abbreviated with “Zyl.” Or “cyl.” and specifies the strength which is needed in order to correct the warping of the cornea. Please do not forget to enter the “+” or “-“ value prior to entering the cylinder value before you submit your order.


Do you have any questions? We would be pleased to help you and support you with our advice.

You can contact our service team by dialing 041 741 28 87. You can also send us an e-mail.


Where do I get the dioptries for my glasses?

You can find the dioptries for your glasses in your glasses pass or your glasses prescription. An eye specialist or an optician (the preparation of a glasses pass is often liable to costs) can determine your optical values as well.

For further information concerning dioptries simply contact us by calling 041 741 28 87 or via e-mail. We would be glad to be of service. 



What do I have to keep in mind concerning eyeglass lenses?

The glass type of your glasses contribute considerably to your appearance and to the weight of your eyewear model. The color and polarization of the lenses can also play an important role, as is the case with sunglasses and sports glasses.


MrLens offers high quality synthetic lenses, which have the great advantage that they are light-weight and resistant to breakage. The smooth surface of the synthetic lenses is refined with hard coating which protects them from scratches. Due to Anti-reflective coating on the glasses, light reflection can be prevented. The refractive index of your glasses is crucial, because it determines the glass thickness. For further information on this subject, read Which types of glass thickness are available? Which type of glass thickness is right for me?


We are glad to help you if you have further questions on this subject. You can contact us by telephone 041 741 28 87 or you can write us an e-mail.


Can I order non-prescription glasses?

Sports glasses and sunglasses are popular accessories and daily companions. They are often non-prescription glasses. MrLens offers not only lenses for the correction of sight defects, but also so-called plane glasses without a prescription. If you would like to have plane glasses, simply type >>0<< into all values such as axis, cylinder, etc. and leave out the section for the papillary distance (PD). To avoid any misunderstandings, you can also send us an additional note along with your order.


We are glad to consult you concerning the topic of plane glasses by phone 041 741 28 87 or you can simply write us an e-mail.


Can the lenses of my own glasses be replaced with new ones?

MrLens offers lenses which can be manufactured so that they can be inserted into your own glasses. For further details on this subject please do not hesitate to contact our MrLens team. We will recommend lenses which are suitable for your eyewear model, for example for full or for half frames.

You can contact our customer service by dialing 041 741 28 87.



How can I try on a pair of glasses?

MrLens makes if possible for you to directly try on your choice of glasses online. You can let a model wear your glasses or you can upload your own photo. It’s as easy as this:

  1. Select your model of glasses in our online-shop. 
  2. If you click on „online-fitting“, you will see models that are wearing the glasses you have chosen.
  3. You also have the option of uploading your own photo. In order to do so, go to “search“ and select your portrait photo in the image formats .gif, jopg, .bmp or .png, or you can directly take a snapshot of your face with your webcam.
  4. As soon as you have uploaded your photo, it will appear in a mask. By clicking on „+“ or „-„, the photo can be enlarged or reduced and, in addition to this, you can move and adjust it by clicking on the arrow icon.
  5. In this step you will have to mark your pupils on the left and on the right side of your photo.
  6. Now you will see what your selected glasses will look like on your face. You can save up to ten different photos in your personal wish list.
  7. Would you like to show your photo to friends and relatives? By clicking the “like” button, you can share your photos on facebook.

 Your browser does not support Virtual Mirror? Please download recommended Browser Mozilla or Internet Explorer 9.


My MrLens glasses do not fit properly. What should I do?

The glasses models which MrLens provides are well adjusted before they are delivered. This adjustment usually ensures a perfect fit. If your glasses are still uncomfortable or don’t fit properly, an optician can immediately customize them by making a few quick adjustments of the frame. Please do not bend the frame yourself, because it could cause damage.


Do you have any further questions concerning the proper fit of your glasses? We are glad to be at your disposal anytime. You can contact us by dialing 041 741 28 87 or you can send us an e-mail.



I am not satisfied with my glasses. Can I exchange / return them?

If you are not satisfied with your glasses, you can send them back within our 30 day return policy. Please make sure that the glasses do not show any signs of use and that they are returned in the original packaging.


We look forward to receiving your feedback!                                                                                                      

We always seek to optimize our services and would be glad if you briefly informed us about the reason for the return of your glasses. Of course, you have the possibility of contacting us anytime by dialing 041 741 28 87 or by writing us an e-mail. We are pleased to be at your disposal!


What types of lens thickness are available? Which type of lens thickness is right for me?

The lens thickness of your glasses is decisive for its weight and its optical appearance. Synthetic lenses are produced with a different refractive index. This refractive index contributes significantly to the lens thickness as follows: The higher the refractive index, the narrower the glass.


We recommend to you the following glasses index according to your visual deficiency:


Defective vision up to ±2,00 dioptries

If your visual deficiency is moderate, you can use standard glasses which have a refractive index of 1,50.


Defective vision between ±2,00 and ±4,00 dioptries

If your visual deficiency is in this category, we recommend that you use thin lenses with a refractive index of 1,60.


Defective vision between ±4,00 and ±6,00 dioptries

We recommend that you opt for thin lenses with a refractive index of 1,67 if your visual defect is located at ±4,00 or more.


Defective vision ranging from ±6,00 dioptries onward

If you have a strong visual defect, we recommend that the lenses you choose for your glasses have a refractive index of 1,74.



Which glasses sizes are available?

In addition to the shape or color or your glasses, it’s important that the size of the glasses fits your face. At MrLens you can find various measurements that give you information about the size of the glasses:


A = Width (total width of the frames)

B = Nose bridge (distance between the lenses)

C = Lens width (horizontal width of a lens)

D = Lens height (vertical height of a lens)

E = Length (side length)


Determine the optimal rim size

In order to calculate the rim size of the glasses, simply add together the width of the nose bridge (B) and the lens width (C). By means of the rim size you can find out whether a pair of glasses is an optimal fit for your face and whether the pupils look through the geometric centre of the glasses. Rim sizes that are approximately equal to or slightly larger than the interpupillary distance are ideal. You can find out your interpupillary distance in your glasses pass under the heading of >>IPD<< or you can measure it yourself.


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