Biotherm Eau Océane Marine Hydration Gel



Negative ions: generated by the movement of waves, these charged particles contribute to the positive and revitalizing feeling experienced by the seashore. Deep-sea source water: Sourced out of the pink granite coast in Brittany, in a deep reservoir, this water is awash with key minerals for skin vitality, notably manganese, silica and zinc. It is also rich in essential oligo-elements including calcium, magnesium and potassium. This moisturizing gel is also infused with Biotherm’s proprietary Pure Thermal Plankton to soothe the skin and heighten the skin’s tolerance to external aggressions. CONTAINS NO PARABEN


Apply daily all over body after shower or bath.
Quenches - Unifies - Vitalizes

Enriched in sea source water and in negative ions, this body moisturizer leaves your skin incredibly hydrated, as if "drenched" with water. Delicately fragranced with Eau Océane, the Eau Océane Marine Hydration Gel is delivered in an ocean blue-colored gel texture that gently sinks into the skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and hydrated.

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Biotherm Eau Océane Marine Hydration Gel

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