Biotherm Eau Fraiche Refreshing Fragrance Mist



Pear, Coriander Seed oil and Jasmine Absolute


A scent you spray generously over your body.

Hereunder are 5 steps for an easy relaxing exercise inspired from Tai Chi. Take the time to slowly complete the entire exercise. Focus only on yourself and your breathing.

1) Take three deep breaths. Take some time to calm down and forget all about your 1 worries.

2) Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Stretch your arms in front of you and slowly bent your knees. As if floating on the ocean start a flowing up and down movement with your legs and gently wave your arms following it. (6 times)

3) Keep doing this up and down movement gently. But when you are up, open now smoothly your arms like a fluttering of wings, bring them back in front of you and bent your knees to start the movement gain. (6 times)

4) Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Turn your right leg and your upper body smoothly on the right side and slowly extend your right arm while placing your left arm above your head. Keeping a flowing move, turn around and do the same movement on the left side. (6 times)

5) Finally, stretch your arms in front of you. As if you were swimming the crawl, one arm after the other, start making flowing circular movements around you. Do this 6 times just as if you were following a flow of water circulating around you.

6) Finish the exercise with 3 deep breaths.
Experience the essence of freshness. 

A fragrance reminiscent of a calming moment of contact with nature when scented rain cools, refreshes and replenishes.

Floral, Fruity, Spicy.
A story of perfect balance between femininity and Nature, written by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu. Rooted in Nature, with notes of Pear, Coriander Seed oil and Jasmine Absolute, the senses are set free.

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