BioSoak All-In-One With Protein Remover 2x 360ml

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Bio Soak is a cleaning, protein removal, disinfecting, rinsing and storage solution for all contact lenses. Its disinfecting agent is biguanide, which has an extensive effect on the common microbes that cause inflammation of the eye. The effect of the biguanide is enhanced by a new type of detergent that has been studied and observed to remove deposits from the surface of contact lenses, and in turn makes the disinfection much more efficient.

Microbiological studies have shown that the detergent significantly increases the ability of the biguanide to sterilise contact lenses that have been contaminated by Serratio marccescens and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. A unique feature of the detergent in Bio Soak is its ability to biodegrade. The detergent does not irritate the skin or the eyes. During an ophthalmologic follow-up study that forms part of the clinical validation of Bio Soak, no harmful side effects were observed.

Composition of BioSoak

Biguanide acts as a disinfectant for cleaning contact lenses and protects the solution from microbiological contamination during use. EDTA enhances disinfection and removes calcium deposits by forming calcium + EDTA compounds. The detergent is a biologically produced and biodegradable cleaning substance that removes impurities from the surface of the lens and at the same time enhances the performance of the disinfectant. Sodium borate stabilizes the pH of the solution to a level suitable for the eye. Sodium chloride adjusts the osmolarity of the solution equivalent to that of tear fluid.

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BioSoak All-In-One With Protein Remover 2x 360ml

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