Avizor One Step Neutralization 2x 15 Tablets

Offer contains: 2x 15 Tablets
Avizor One-Step system uses a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and neutralizing tablets with a color indicator that tells the user when the solution is totally neutralized and the lens is ready to be inserted directly into the eye.
Avizor One-Step Solution is a system patented by Avizor for cleaning and disinfecting soft contact lenses without preservatives.

Avizor One-Step Solution is very easy to use as well as fast and effective. Furthermore, it does not contain preservatives, making it the ideal choice for lens users with possible allergy problems.

The system comprises a hydrogen peroxide solution to which a tablet is added. Unlike other systems, neutralisation starts as soon as the tablet is added and is equally intense throughout, fully disinfecting and cleaning the lenses within two hours.

When the process is over, the peroxide has been totally neutralised, and the solution is suitable for moistening lenses and perfectly compatible with the eye. Avizor One-Step does it all:
- Effective disinfection of the lens
- Thorough cleaning of the lens
- Correct hydration of the lens
- Easy handling
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Avizor One Step Neutralization 2x 15 Tablets

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